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Phase 2 Hyndburn

July 30, 2010

New artists engaged for the Hyndburn project. Huckleberry Films will be doing a animation/film project and ArtYarn will be crocheting away in a market stall in Accrington. More details to be confirmed but looks like August will be very, very busy now.


Week two

July 27, 2010

This week the LET shop will be transformed into an art gallery, with lead artist Jonathon Marchant supporting shoppers to practice their drawing skills, drawing from life and their surroundings. We have creative stations set up for you to come and have a play with the materials of choice.

We set up yesterday and had the doors wide open, with many curious shoppers coming to have a look at what we were doing and enquiring about becoming a member. I’ve always said there is loads of creative people in Burnley and they are all coming out of the woodwork finding The art Bunker to be a safe and approachable place to meet other like minded people.

Please keep checking back on the BLOG to see The art Bunker as we develop.

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Mission Statement

July 27, 2010

We seek to strengthen the Pennine Community by creating a makers and workers cooperative. The art Bunker takes opportunities to the people helping them to discover resources for growth.  It seeks to engage those who are socially isolated. We use the creative process to unify, to promote social awareness and change and empower individuals and groups to utilize their own creativity for personal, social and economic development.

Community Interest Statement

July 27, 2010

The art Bunker will contribute to the wellbeing of people by providing an environment and opportunities that encourage interaction and personal growth through visual arts, crafts and design.  We seek to uphold long-established traditions in visual arts, crafts and design. We believe that art, craft and design should be inclusive for all.  We will offer a range of opportunities for makers and workers at all levels of experience.

Through a strong nucleus of resident members there will be a stimulating and supportive atmosphere from which all can benefit.  Courses and workshops will be run when funded, commissioned or on demand – life drawing, plein air painting, youth arts etc.

We aim to become a registered centre and able to offer accredited courses. The art Bunker intends to organise visits to galleries, museums, exhibitions, sketching days out, and longer cultural excursions and will tap into existing providers e.g LAN.

We will act as a social firm offering work opportunities and apprenticeships with particular emphasis on creating employment for young people and adults from workless families, ex-offenders, and members recovering from poor mental health.

We want to create opportunities for members to develop, exhibit and sell their work and will signpost members to relevant education, product development and business services as required.

Really Big Workshop

July 25, 2010

Its been a real treat for me today, thanks to everyone that joined in. We got some great photos to use for the football cards and as you can see we’ve got some very talented young artists in Burnley. If you want to see more cartoons from my workshop click the image. Many thanks, Sam

More Pics

July 25, 2010

Local Hero

July 25, 2010

The Padiham Predator shows his true colours taking part in Clarets Creative.

Clarets Creative – Week Ending

July 23, 2010

Janet’s log 22 July 2010

Well what a week it has been!

We have trained volunteers in recording stories from local people, we have completed a display in the Charity Arch (see pic), we have set up our shop (literally!) in the LET shop (Liberating Empty Terrain) at 14 St James Street Burnley (see pic), and we have run our first workshops where local people have started to tell their stories through words, pictures, photographs and those gorgeous knitted football kits (see pic)!

The LET shop has been a really great opportunity for us. I really want to thank Michelle Sinclair from theARTbunker for asking us to be a partner with theARTbunker and for being one of those human beings who is not daunted by ANYTHING! Thanks should also go to Burnley Borough Council and Creativity Works for making the LET project happen and for linking us to the liberated pianos in Burnley town centre (we have heard some fantastic musical talent while we have been working away hearing from our very own poets, artists, photographers and story tellers – what talent there is in Burnley).

So a quick overview of the workshops so far:
Big thanks go to Iain, Keith, Sophie, Parveen, Michelle, Lorraine and Isa who have been encouraging us all to create a 3D representation of the play-off final between Burnley and Sheffield United when we got promoted to the Premiership. Special thanks also to Andy Ford (photographer extraordinaire) who has encouraged some real up and coming talent in the next generation of Burnley FC photographers and we still have 3 workshops to go with Sam and Mervyn!

By Saturday tea time I am sure we will all be flat on our backs  – admiring the photos, collages, football cards, story boards, poems and stories that tell what it is to be a Burnley fan. Please check out our  website to see more images and if you have missed this week, find out more about our next week of activities starting 23 August. Everyone welcome!

Week One, Clarets Creative

July 21, 2010

Clarets Creative is for everyone of any age. Come relax and learn some new skills. Football really matters in Burnley, and being creative is great for our health and well being. So come help us combine the two and make something for the town to cherish.

Click image for a BIGGER version!

Then visit the site below!

Lucy has moved into the Blackburn shop… (via The Open Shop Project by Creativity Works)

July 21, 2010

Lucy has moved into the Blackburn shop... …and it did not go smoothly! Read all about it here More

via The Open Shop Project by Creativity Works