Week One, Clarets Creative


Clarets Creative is for everyone of any age. Come relax and learn some new skills. Football really matters in Burnley, and being creative is great for our health and well being. So come help us combine the two and make something for the town to cherish.

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One Response to “Week One, Clarets Creative”

  1. chelltoes Says:

    Cant believe its thursday already, we are having an excellent week in the art Bunker with the clarets creative project, lots of bizziness, hustle and bustle with people coming in aged 1 to 90. People have been knitting kits for our action clarets team (come and look through the eye and you will see the exhibition unfolding!)

    Andy Ford has been out and about with budding photographers journeying through the streets of Burnley to the turf in search of visual memories.

    You can get your photo made into a supporters card, tell your story, draw your story, make origami or knitted kits, or chat about the clarets

    The atmosphere is brilliant in the town centre, the play me I’m your project street pianos along with the shop work perfect.

    Its gonna be a good summer come and see us!

    Michelle a member of The art Bunker

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