Community Interest Statement


The art Bunker will contribute to the wellbeing of people by providing an environment and opportunities that encourage interaction and personal growth through visual arts, crafts and design.  We seek to uphold long-established traditions in visual arts, crafts and design. We believe that art, craft and design should be inclusive for all.  We will offer a range of opportunities for makers and workers at all levels of experience.

Through a strong nucleus of resident members there will be a stimulating and supportive atmosphere from which all can benefit.  Courses and workshops will be run when funded, commissioned or on demand – life drawing, plein air painting, youth arts etc.

We aim to become a registered centre and able to offer accredited courses. The art Bunker intends to organise visits to galleries, museums, exhibitions, sketching days out, and longer cultural excursions and will tap into existing providers e.g LAN.

We will act as a social firm offering work opportunities and apprenticeships with particular emphasis on creating employment for young people and adults from workless families, ex-offenders, and members recovering from poor mental health.

We want to create opportunities for members to develop, exhibit and sell their work and will signpost members to relevant education, product development and business services as required.


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