Meet the Artist, Samuel Vernon Crowder


Hello, my heroes are Frank Miller, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Jeff Loeb and a massive list of other comic book artists. I find it hard to keep up with the names because theres just too much stuff that I like. When I was a young boy finding my way in the world I practiced oil paintings and sketched regularly with charcoal and arty pencils but wasn’t entirely satisfied unless I was sketching Spawn or Batman, I think everyone figured one day i’d grow out of it but I think its important to stick to what you like. But over recent years i’ve been channelling my youthful enthusiasm into graphic design and helping other people bring their ideas to life. I do my best to stick with the times and recent trends but I nudge a bit of nostalgia in there when I can. Theres an awful preconception recently that things have to look immensely boring and I think thats a real shame. I think everything should be given the chance to look its best and brightest but I could rattle on.. I make cartoons sometimes and dabble in illustration. Web design is on the horizon so keep an eye out. But be sure to have a peek at my website! You’ll find some imagery and a few cartoons there. Many thanks, Sam x


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