Meet The Artist, Jonathan Marchant


Hi everyone, here’s a little personal feedback about my experience of the two gallery weeks down at the Let Project.  We initially set the shop up as a forum for The Art Bunker members work and a space for the public to roll up their sleeves and ‘ have a go ‘.  After a few days it became obvious that there were a lot of people out there who did numerous aspects of visual work but they were working in isolation and showed a lot of enthusiasm about joining The Art Bunker.  We began to invite people to bring some of their work in to hang on the walls for sale and had a great response. Some people had intentions of pursuing their work seriously and others for pure enjoyment, either way it was great to give them their first opportunity to see their work hanging on public display.

Sales of work were low but in terms of generating interest,  gathering contact information, recruiting new members and generally raising awareness about all aspects of The Art Bunker the two weeks can only be thought of as successful.

Another important aspect of the two weeks proved that the current members of The Art Bunker could work well as a team in the public realm.

Hip Hip Hooray to everyone involved !



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