Bandstand Marathon


Over a hundred people turned up to watch the region’s top brass bands play in Burnley on Sunday 26th September 2010.

Across three parks and especially in the town centre, crowds gathered to watch as Stacksteads Band joined up with 70  or more other bands to simultaneously play in bandstands all over Great Britain.

Many hardy souls managed to complete the full marathon, attending all four separate concerts throughout the day. The cheerful crowd enjoyed every minute of it, with one of the happy onlookers remarking: “What a brilliant way to spend a Sunday!”

Gareth Procter, was part of Stacksteads Band, who played in the town centre as the Burnley marathon linked up with the national programme:

 “As a band, we really enjoyed the marathon on Sunday. It gave us two great opportunities to entertain the people of Burnley, something we always love doing!”

 Burnley Council’s Cultural Development Officer, Helen Jones, was proud of the marathon’s wide appeal:

 “It’s fantastic that we can put on these types of events here in Burnley.

 “Everybody has really enjoyed watching the bands perform and it’s a testament to the people of Burnley that they can engage with and appreciate the great art opportunities that are available to them at the moment.”

The Bandstand Marathon was part of Creativity Works’s Liberating Empty Terrains project and aims to bring communities together in the run up to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


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