Art Exchange – Week one

Jamie Diable was our first artist in residence during week one and created some great work during his week with us and his large dynamic portraits are still with us for you to view.
We ran a Henna Skin Art workshop during the first week which was run by Kate, which was well attended and many lovely designs were created and lasted well into our second week.
On Thursday evening we held our burlesque life drawing class which we managed to publicise both on Facebook and on local radio (BBC Radio Lancs), and we all had a great time drawing our model Willow Blue and her lovely snake!!
Friday morning saw the Creative Babies which was the most fun ever!! We had a visiting group from a local nursery (15 under 2s) and other local parents with their little ones too!! It was organised chaos which was just what we wanted, they were tentative at first but then really got into the swing of it as you can see!!

Saturday was our artist led workshop and Jamie was showing how to use oils and acrylic paints and showed how to make your own canvases too – great stuff!!

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