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The New Curiosity Shop Closes

March 13, 2011

The New Curiosity Shop closed its doors for the final time on Saturday (12th March) to a throng of creative visitors. On the final day we all sat down to watch a collection of curious clips conceived by the people of Blackburn.

Over the past three weeks visitors to the shop contributed to the project by filling our empty jars with the things that they value, and sharing their short stories by putting them in our cans. All based around the theme of ‘things that money can’t buy’.

At night the shop came alight by the eerie glow emanating from the magical produce of the shop.

The team at Action Factory had great time engaging with the people of Blackburn.We had an amazing response from a wonderful mix of people. There were many inspiring conversations over a cup of tea on things that we value, that don’t have a monetary value. Fancy a bit of ‘milk of human kindness’ in your tea?

The Blackburn folk are an amazingly creative lot.

The New Curiosity Shop Short Film

For more information and pictures, visit Action Factory on their website


Accrington is underway… (via The Open Shop Project by Creativity Works)

August 12, 2010

Accrington is underway... I've returned from leave to find the Accrington Open Shop Project well underway with exciting new developments. From this Friday there will be dress on display in the market that is a replica of one the Anne Haworth wore when in mourning. Sarah will also be using the printing blocks from the Haworth's collection in the market. For more developments see More

via The Open Shop Project by Creativity Works

Lucy has moved into the Blackburn shop… (via The Open Shop Project by Creativity Works)

July 21, 2010

Lucy has moved into the Blackburn shop... …and it did not go smoothly! Read all about it here More

via The Open Shop Project by Creativity Works

LET engagement work…

May 19, 2010

The first artists to make Burnley LET shop their home are moving in this week. ArtYarn are part of the engagement strand of the LET project, and are working with Towneley Hall to make tea cosies for their teapots. See their website and project blog for updates

Here’s a preview of their designs: