Jane Samuels launches ‘Abandoned Shop of Curiosities’ in Blackburn



The Abandoned Shop of Curiosities

The latest residency in the Blackburn LET Shop is  artist Jane Samuels with her newest work: “The Abandoned Shop of Curiosities” . Jane will hold a preview evening for the month long residency, on Thursday 13th January, at 7 pm at the LET Shop, 65 King William St, Blackburn.

 The show sees Jane creating her most ambitious and interactive exhibition to date, in which Blackburn’s LET shop will be transformed into an abandoned Victorian  Curiosity Shop. You are invited to explore the shop: open doors and drawers, and climb through wardrobes, to discover glimpses into other abandoned buildings around the world. 

 Jane will be holding an open studio throughout the residency, and inviting visitors to contribute to the production and development of new work. The interactive exhibition also invites visitors to share their memories of Blackburn’s now lost or abandoned places, using maps, written notes, drawings or by bringing in objects or photographs.

For more information see the LET Project website.

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